Just say Oui



Ahhh, gentle season of blossom-kissed breezes, dappled sunshine, great big garlanded poles, and joyful offerings to the sacred power of La Mama.

This Mother’s Day, Dawson+Hellmann pledges allegiance to the matriarchy.

But whatever do you get the Woman Who Is Everything?

We take inspiration from Our Foundress. Look inward: you already know her.

The Phoenicians knew her, too, as a nurturing golden goddess who wasn’t to be trifled with. Viking sagas described her look as “Shieldmaiden Fancy.” New England Puritans called her a witch and for once, they were dead on. The Omaha Gazette, in their police blotter section, once referred to her as “a weed head and a tramp,” which resulted in the Great Kegel Massacre of 1937 – but that’s a story for another time.weed
She guided D+H on our world travels. She demands 100% woman-centricity. She played air guitar as we met master craftswomen in India and Vietnam, whose exquisite work empowers their families and communities, not sweatshop masters. She smiles upon every hand-embroidered cannabis leaf, and each square centimeter of erotic toile, watching it arise from pride, love, and progress. She loves fast women, not fast fashion.


Her May Commandments:

Just claim you speak French. No one is ever going to call you out on this. Really. Let our Voulez Vous Embroidered Babydoll put a stop to unnecessary conversation.

Live your dreams. Start with the wildly inappropriate sex ones. Our Kama Sutra bedding will deliciously infiltrate your subconscious.

Every bit of home decor featuring the phrase live, laugh, love is to be avoided. If you’re going to let your home goods boss you around, don’t beat around the bush. Get Lucky bedding lays it all out for you.

We all know dogs and cats enjoy watching jazzy dance moves. Wearing a Dawson+Hellmann kaftan will allow you freedom of movement.

Do you have items in your closet you don’t wear because of their association with a bad memory? Invite some friends over, don your Dawson+Hellmann kaftan, deliver a menacing but snappy incantation, and light them on fire. Done.

kaftans pool